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For a moment, imagine the lifestyle and culture of Istanbul moving from past to present… Buildings that are everyone’s own world, where comfort, aesthetics and usability comes together …

You don’t need to think about your home and your investment just care about yourself and your own business; Arnavutköy Hezarfen Residences offers this comfort to you with a modern understanding so that you can live your future, esthetics and nature as you like.

to be ın the center of reachabılıty...

Invest in your future in the Arnavutköy region, the new center of attraction in Istanbul, which embraces all the needs of modern life.

15 minutes distance to the new airport and to the city centers of Istanbul via the connection road of the Northern Marmara and the TEM motorway, shouldn’t it be also your privilege?

How about eatıng fruıts dırectly from the branch?

A valuable investment is waiting for you with details that will raise your living standards and lets it share this privilege with your loved ones…

Hezarfen residence is made up of 70% green area and thanks to the orchard filled with various fruit trees you will be able to benefit from the nature and organic food for your children and for you.



3+1 Apartment Details

Net Area102,74 m²
Living room26,10m²
Room 115,50 m²
Room 211,40 m²
Room 310,40 m²
Kitchen10,40 m²
Bathroom 23,00m²
Our apartments with it’s unique architecture are specially designed as 3 + 1 net 103 sqm (gross 136 sqm) 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies and a pantry.

3+1 Apartment Details

Net Area102,74 m²
Living room27,20m²
Room 116,00 m²
Room 211,34 m²
Room 310,43 m²
Kitchen10,43 m²
Bathroom3,11 m²
Bathroom 24,00m²
Our apartments with it’s unique architecture are specially designed as 3 + 1 net 103 sqm (gross 136 sqm) 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies and a pantry.

Project Pıctures

Socıal Facılıtıes

Social activities and facilities in our projects

Swımmıng pool

 enjoy the pleasure without distinguishing between summer and winter with 2 indoor swimming pools.

Fıtness Gym

Fully equipped fitness gym is waiting for you to stay in shape.

Chıldrens Playground

An area where your children can have a good time.

Multıpurpose sports fıeld

While your children are playing in the children’s playground, enjoy your time and play basketball, football or volleyball.

Prayer room

An area where you can carry out your religious activities and prayer.

Car Park

2 separate indoor and outdoor parking spaces for residents and guests

green Area

Be nested with nature with 70% green space.

Special Orchard

Eat fruits directly from the branch in our own private orchard.

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+90 (212) 495 76 76

34  İkitelli OSB Mh İMSAN 1. Sokak Sit. E Blok No:20 D:1, 34307 Küçükçekmece İkitelli Osb/Küçükçekmece/İstanbul

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