He kept his word


The bleeding conscience of mankind, the land of Israel and Miraj, the city of prophets and the city of Jerusalem; it is the city to go, see, feel, hear, live and be a foundation.

As our Prophet (s.a.v.) said in his hadith a Go to the accent and pray in it. If you cannot leave and pray in prayer, send olive oil to be burned in the lanterns.

Due to the increase in the number of visitors going to Jerusalem in recent years, the ’Turks are returning’ headlines in Israeli newspapers.


Vefakar Building, which made a first, held a visit to Jerusalem for 8 days and 8 days on 8-10 March with the promise of i Jerusalem Visit Campaign ”which was held on February 8-20. Mr. Vefakar Yapı Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Adem Ceylan said, kan Jerusalem is a common problem and a bleeding wound of all mankind. We cannot understand the Jerusalem case without going to Jerusalem, and therefore we will support it as much as we can in Jerusalem, so we will try to destroy the walls of Shame in Palestine. For this reason, we met in Halilurrahman Mosque in Aksa for 3 days and 2 nights with the ones who signed a contract with Vefakar Yapı. We saw the light of hope in the eyes of the Palestinians who saw us. If you can’t come to Jerusalem, let’s try to be olive oil. In the Qibla Mosque in Aksa, Salahaddin Eyyubinin the conquest of the conquest of Jerusalem minbar as the master of the minbals do the march as the minbar should make sure that we can reach the victory. K He said. Stressing the importance Adem Ceylan visit to Jerusalem with this sentence, on this occasion Jerusalem and the Masjid-i all Turkey`s to perpetuate Aqsa and 365 days a year, the whole Islamic world, 52 weeks of the bright prospects they’re unable to be there in Jerusalem making a visit to Jerusalem stated that they should be.