fidelity is one of the most important things that defines humans.

Fidelity is not only a district name in Istanbul.

It is the name of a value we show towards our environment, friends, family and everyone we believe to be valuable to us.

Vefakar means;  someone who shows fidelity, a constant love and affection, truely a strong and meaningful word.

After my seperation form the turkish airlines familiy, which i worked together with for many years, we have gathered under the roof of Vefakar Yapı to continue our services in the construction business with my friends Mr. Ahmet Cemil Yıldırım who is a specialist for real estates and Mr. Fatih Dağlar who proved himself with the many construction projects that he finished.

Despite being at the beginning of the journey, we believe that thanks to our supporting and faithful friends, we will achieve great work in a very short time and will be one of the leading brands in this sector in the near future.

Both my university years and my experiences at the Turkish Airlines family for 11 years showed me that, believing and sincerely conducting every work will always be finalized with success as long as we intend to do so.

Although we have not been out recently, the intense interest in our project has made us really happy and also has increased our belief that VEFAKAR YAPI will become a great family.

As VEFAKAR YAPI, we are striving to build a living space suitable for Islamic sensibilities with an interest-free finance system. At this point, our staff and our management team consists of experts in the field and we work together to create permanent values ​​for our families, which are the smallest building stone of our society, by establishing comfortable living spaces with both material and spirituality.

As Vefakar yapı we believe that our customers deserve the best quality and in that manner we started our way to present you apartments that are build on ideal conditions, based on international standards with up-to-date technology and many features that will not only ensure your safety, but also the safety of the environment.

If you want to take your place in this world we promised with interest free financing system and proper payment conditions, our team is happy to serve you 7/24.

Since we started our way with sincere feelings we praise Allah for everything we have accomplished so far and are grateful to all our friends and customers that supported us all along.

Best regards…

Vefakar Yapi Chairman of the Board

Who is Adem CEYLAN?