Vefakar Yapı has created a set of policies in the light of its mission, vision and values in order to facilitate the communication, evaluation and resolution of customers, employees and other stakeholders’ requests and complaints to the relevant stakeholders quickly.


Our institution accepts customer requests or complaints from different channels and process these requests in a fast and transparent manner and keeps customer sadisfaction on the front line and provides customers with effective communication channels by finding the most suitable evaluations within the frame of legal conditions, institutional policy and values. In this context, our customers

* e-mail ( info@vefakaryapi.com )

* Website ( www.vefakaryapi.com )

* Mail (Küçükçekmece İkitelli OSB Mh. E Blok Sk. İmsan Sit. E Blok Apt. No: 20 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul) 

* Telephone (+90 212 495 76 76)

* Mobile (+90 538 825 01 01 or +90 533 455 01 01)

Using one of the communication channels, you can convey your wishes or complaints to us. All submissions will be recorded immediately. These requests or complaints are examined in detail by our expert staff. After the necessary work has been done, the action for the requested topic or the reason for the complaint is started. 

At this time, our client will be informed that the request or complaint is in the evaluation process. 

All requests will be responded to within 10 business days with the most appropriate channel.

Vefakar Yapı is always in needs of employees with sufficient knowledge and skills to perform our mission.

Our institution starts the recruitment process with the announcement of our open positions.www.vefakaryapi.com/career . Our candidates may fill out the application form via one of the relevant channels by stating the position they are interested in.
Our recruitment team will go through the pre-evaluation process on application. Candidates who pass the pre-evaluation have to pass through the interview and reference control as well. In this context, we will focus on employees who have following characteristics:
-corporate and cultural values
-solution oriented
-social responsibility
-environmentally conscious
-vision and values
-open to innovation and change
-team culture
-taking responsibility

Candidates who will be accepted are subject to adjustment training in line with the requests of the relevant units. Employees are trained internally or externally, at points where they are considered necessary for the enhancement of organizational culture and professional skills. They are trained in occupational health and safety and subject to constant benchmarking to adhere to the criteria.

Our students who are important for our future and young people who want to educate themselves in business life are evaluated under the framework of Vefakar Yapi. Our institution has made it our duty to contribute to the cultural and professional careers of these young people. For this, our internship program has been activated.

Our internship program is aimed at vocational college students and university students, and only the candidates in these two categories can apply. Our aim is to help students to have a general idea about business life by giving them theoretical and practical information at a professional level.

Student candidates who wish to be included in the internship program may request an internship by filling the internship application form at www.vefakaryapi.com/career . The duration of the internship is determined by the intensity of the projects and needs. Only candidates who can meet our standards will be employed.

We are aware of our social responsibilities as Vefakar Yapi. We are obliged to protect and develop the environment in which our customers, our employees, and our children will live in. Within our facilities, we have identified a number of areas of social responsibility that we aim to fulfill in the best possible way. Some of these are related to the internal dynamics of our institution and some of them are supported by the work done by the existing NGOs that we try to support in this context:

* Employee Happiness; Vefakar Yapi is an institution that recognizes that the most important asset of an institution is human capital. In this respect, we give importance to our employees. We aim to develop happiness in business life with the activities carried out, to strengthen social relations among employees and to provide vocational and cultural education that they need. In this context, we organize weekend activities such as breakfast, sightseeing and picnic organizations, internal and external professional and cultural training, listening to complaints, providing physical and spiritual support.

* Barrier-Free Living Areas Vefakar Yapi, regardless of the cause, emphasizes people who suffer from loss of sensation and social skills at different levels, social maladjustment and meeting daily needs. A few of the most important obstacles to disability participation in social life are the transportation, physical environment and housing problems. Every human being is a potential handicapped candidate, our institutional point of view develops ideas that will enable them to reach their social lives and physical environment in their disabilities while designing their living spaces.


* Collection of Waste Batteries; The cost of removing various metals by separating them from metal scrap alloys is far above the cost of recovering the same metals from waste batteries containing them. In addition, studies have shown that these batteries are cleaned from the nature for 5 to 15 years and during this time they carry a chemical waste characteristic. As a result of the long term disposal of garbage and recycling at the same time, waste batteries for the country’s economy are being recycled, giving support to future generations and leaving a clean environment (see our Environmental Policy). As an institution for this, waste batteries collection boxes are left in our living spaces.


* Support of Non-Governmental Organizations As Vefakar Yapi, we provide all kinds of support to NGOs. Since we are a going to live in a world that will be shaped by young people, we attach particular importance and support to youth and student activities.

Sports Fields 
Social Equipments 
Religious facilities 
Green Areas 
Renewable Energy 
Energy Saving

Vefakar Yapı has made it to it’s duty to prevent this rapidly increasing environmental pollution and to deliver this world entrusted to us as clean and livable as possible to future generations. Our institution considers a number of criteria in order to create a sustainable clean environment consciousness. These criteria are, in particular, universal as well as the issues we will pay attention to in every living area that we build as Vefakar Yapı. In this context, Vefakar Yapı has a number of principles in terms of the environment. These principals are the main ones;

* Sustainable clean environment in society will support actions to create awareness.


* Placing utmost importance on building habitats that will contribute to minimizing the negative effects of environmental and human factors.

* Being aware of nature and environment in the habitats that it builds, awareness of the environment in which the projects are built.


* One of the most important items of the clean environment concept, “energy production” will be the project of using the renewable energy resources to create the living spaces that produce their own energy.

* In the name of reducing energy loss, we will use intelligent systems and materials that will provide “energy savings” in planned projects and prevent heat and energy loss.

* In order to efficiently and effectively utilize our water resources, we plan to plant green spaces with plants that need less water in the habitats we plan to build.


* Using existing systems to re-evaluate rain and wastewater in the context of “energy conversion”, that will lead the way in developing new projects. >>

* Creating systems that utilize existing projects on “recycling” in the habitats we build that will lead to the development of new projects.


* In the area of ​​”noise pollution”, one of the headings of environmental pollution, building projects to prevent noise pollution in living areas